From a selection of pure Lacrima grapes ripened on our vineyards located between 190 and 250 meters above sea level, partially facing northeast and partially facing south, on the hills of Morro d’Alba, in the district of the Castelli di Jesi.

The soil is rather clayey with a presence of sand. Vinification and maturation in stainless steel. Wine to be enjoyed at room temperature (18°-20°).

Morro d’Alba is part of the Castelli di Jesi, in the province of Ancona, a city besieged by Frederick Barbarossa, elected emperor in 1152 as Frederick I and crowned in Pavia in 1154 in response to the creation of the Lombard League. Legend has it that in 1167, during the siege of Ancona, Frederick I encountered and appreciated the Red Lacrima wine, which left its intense color on his beard.


Harvest year


Alcohol content

14% vol

Planting system

3300 plants per hectare (3.00m x 1.00m)

Vine cultivation


Yield per hectare

> q. 100 of grapes




Fermentation in stainless steel at controlled temperature


Bordelaise da 75cl